Liberal. Women. Christian.

We know how to do more than just weave the basket we’re going to hell in.

In the Handbasket April 6, 2007

Filed under: Introduction — crazypantsliberal @ 12:45 am

It’s probably already obvious to you, the reader, that this isn’t going to be your typical “I’m a submissive Christian woman who thinks John Piper is Jesus incarnate” blog. But we’re not your typical women, Christian or otherwise.

All of us are on our way to earning our Master’s or PhD’s in various subjects. All of us proudly claim the term “liberal,” though most of our upbringings were staunchly conservative. All of us are fiercely egalitarian feminists. Most of all, all of us are Christians.

To some of you, the combination of these traits may seem unlikely and perhaps impossible. But for us, all of this is an extension of our faith. More than that, these traits are imperative to our faith.

With blogs such as Solo Femininity floating around in cyberspace promoting what they think is “biblical womanhood,” we decided we needed to respond somehow. So we set up this blog because we are a voice that seems to be grossly underrepresented in the blog world, and pretty much the world in general.

We’ll introduce ourselves as we go along and post on topics as they come across our paths. We hope this blog will give you something to think about and encourage conversations that you may not have thought to have otherwise.

Welcome to our handbasket. Enjoy the ride.


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