Liberal. Women. Christian.

We know how to do more than just weave the basket we’re going to hell in.

Meet Lindsay April 9, 2007

Filed under: Meet the Ladies — crazypantsliberal @ 3:56 pm

Name: Lindsay

Age: Almost 24

Occupation: Master’s student in Church-State Studies at Baylor University; Graduate Assistant for the Institute for Faith and Learning

Ambition: To be an advocate for women’s rights. To help end violence against women globally, but especially in Africa. To make a difference. To be rad.

Denomination: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. And yes, I have a female pastor.

Why I am part of this blog community: I have read one too many blogs written by women who favor unconditional submission over equality. I have read one too many blogs written under the auspices of Christianity that exist only to preach hate and intolerance, instead of dealing with real issues such as social justice and human rights. I have read one too many blogs that made my blood boil, and yet I did not respond. No longer. This is my response.

Do I love shoes and chocolate?: That’s like asking me if I think Journey sings the greatest love ballads of all time. Of course I do!


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