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We know how to do more than just weave the basket we’re going to hell in.

Meet Kat April 10, 2007

Filed under: Meet the Ladies — crazypantsliberal @ 11:50 am

Name: Kat

Age: 23

Occupation: M.A. student in English Literature at Baylor University, Graduate Assistant at the Digital Media Studio, sometimes barista at B&N. The bills gotta get paid, son!

Ambition: To teach English Literature at the college level.  To be a scholar. To never tire of learning. To be at a place where I don’t have anything to prove, I can simply let my actions speak to my convictions and hopes. I am not there yet.  Also, I’d like to be hot and good at yoga. But I don’t suppose this is what the question wanted to hear.

Denomination: A exploratoy Episcopalian, though I am currently attending a Baptist church (part of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) because that particular community is socially active, radically accepting, and not afraid of doubt.  I’ll see Lindsay her female pastor and raise her a female associate pastor as well.

Why I am part of this blog community:  I have been finding myself often saying, “I’m not sure what I think, but I know I don’t think that.” Well, I’m ready to find out and articulate what I do think.  There is a tireless slice of my generation who make me ashamed to be a Christian, both because of the way they treat people of other faiths and the way they treat minorities (women only make up part of the demographic receiving the great Evangelical shaft).  Saddest of all, they attribute their actions to suppposed divine dictates.  I don’t think of this blog as a reaction to that. I think of those ideas inspiring this blog, inspiring me, to authenticity, kindness, and purpose.

Do I think baby animals are precious: YES.

Which is more precious, a baby otter or a baby penguin: Impossible to answer. I’m going to stick to questions of religion, philosophy, art and gender, thanks.


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