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It’s What They Pay Me the Big Bucks For April 17, 2007

Filed under: Academia,Life — crazypantsliberal @ 8:32 pm

You may have noticed that Kat has been the only one posting lately. This is not without good cause on my part.

I’ve been working on a paper titled, “Again It Goes Unnoticed: Exploring the Link Between Wartime Rape and Sex Trafficking in Kosovo and Sudan” for my International Human Rights Class. Not only is this paper a beast to write for various reasons, but I’m also presenting it at the Human Trafficking Conference held at South Texas College. In about 18 hours. Oy.

Once I’ve presented it and have it completed, I’ll post it on this blog for you to see. The information in it is devastating, but so crucial to know if we’re ever going to end these gross violations against human and women’s rights.

So wish me luck! I’m off to be a pretend academic in McAllen.



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